Instagram is changing what should you do?

I was fairly late to the Instagram party, which is shocking I am sure for anyone who make a living with visual media, but honestly I am not much of a self promoter, in fact I run from it.

I reluctantly jumped aboard a few months back and have been pretty regular to post and build a following over the last few months. Now recently as the whole world has shouted, Instagram is adding a logarithm to the feed of pictures so they decide what you might want to see instead of chronological order as was in the past. Now people aren’t really that upset about their own feeds, really they are worried that their pictures will get less likes in other feeds. It’s become a modern day extension of the ego.  

Very similar as what has happened to Facebook in recent years, I would guess it is inevitable that the long term plan of Instagram is a pay to get your post seen by more of your followers type of plan as in Facebook. If you have a marketing budget it is probably time to start thinking if this will be in your future. So far there are no metrics in Instagram to measure performance or reach or followers habits so it seems it may be a bit off yet.

Many folks are pretty livid about this and I am actually finding it kind of amusing to  read all the chatter online about people complain that this “free” service is changing and they don’t like it. I for one think it will make Instagram a more honest place with better image,. maybe this will end people double tapping on that bad picture of a blurry sunset just out of symphony because that person liked your picture before.  

I believe that  as is the case in life and in photography, the best stuff will rise to the top. So  (if you care about your followers and likes)  you need post your best work and continue to find new ways to be creative to be noticed. Not much different than in the real world., and that is what Instagram is not.. the real world,  I see many subpar images that somehow get thousands of likes and that does nothing for nobody. It doesn’t challenge anyone to be better or more selective it is just a breeding ground for mediocrity and that is no good for nobody.

Now I could easily be wrong on everything so while you ponder my opinion head over to my Instagram feed 🙂